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How to Make Money: Skills You Can Learn From Home

how to make money from home

At some point, during the quarantine period, you will need a much smarter way to while up your time. If you are not careful you might just end up broke with nowhere to start. There are plenty of ways you can make money from home without having to go out. You can play real money […]

Latest Canada News: The Current Coronavirus Updates

Canada News

The Canada news scene is flooded with COVID 19 updates. Everyone is fighting to be the first source of the latest updates on the pandemic. Let us have a look at some of the latest news updates on the Corona virus in Canada. But, remember to stay safe. Stay indoors, log into your favorite casinos […]

Quarantine Causes Massive Drop in Air Pollution

Air Pollution

A 50% drop in air pollution has been recorded in recent days. According to experts, this is likely due to the non-productivity state in most countries worldwide due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Also, it is important to note that the most industrious countries are the ones being majorly affected. For example, over 90% of […]

NBA League Pass: Games You Can Watch During Season Break

Free NBA League Pass

The National Basketball Association has announced a free NBA League Pass for their fans. This is after the recent coronavirus quarantine. The quarantine has led to the cancellation of the 2019/20 season. Also, this was triggered by the fact that 4 Nets players tested positive for COVID 19 earlier this month. The NBA league pass […]

Vanessa Hudgens Apologises for Insensitive Coronavirus Remarks

Vanessa Hudgens Coronavirus backlash

Vanessa Hudgens has recently apologised for the insensitive remarks she made about COVID 19 Pandemic. The 31-year-old actress used her Instagram live to try and troll Donald Trump. But she ended up in the receiving end of the trolling. News about the coronavirus keeps evolving by the day. There are new infections and death victims […]

How the World Celebrated Pi Day 2020

Pi Day

Pi Day is now a well celebrated international holiday. The Day was first introduced to the world in 1988 at the Exploratorium. Now, everyone around the world, especially maths geeks and scientists has started to take the day seriously. The date is set on March 14 because 3/14 is the mathematical constant of Pi. Meaning, […]