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Big Win Casinos Canada 2020

Big Win Casinos

Big win casinos Canada are online casino that pay put big. Moreover, when we say we big we mean big. It is at these top online casinos Canada that players can walk away with millions of real money online casino Canada rewards. However, we all have to admit that while these are big win casinos […]

Google 3D Animals

Google 3D Animals

Google 3D animals have become the talk of the day. This is because children are at home unable to go out because of the covid-19 out break. Therefore, while the parents are enjoying real money online casino games, the children can have loads of fun with Google 3D animals.   What are Google 3D Animals? […]

Nando’s: Its More Than Just Peri-Peri Chicken


Nando’s is well known for its peri-peri chicken. However, at this time when the world is combating the covid-19 virus Nando’s is showing that they have more than peri-peri chicken. They are taking recommendable steps to help all those who are helping the world to fight the virus.   Quick Nando’s History Lesson Nando’s is […]

SAQ to Remain Open: Deemed Essential Business


SAQ is among the few businesses in Quebec that have so far survived closure due to the growing spike of covid-19 cases in Canada. The Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) and Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) are part of the 14 other businesses that will remain open. The industry in Quebec has been divided […]

Did My Secret Terrius Predict Covid-19?

My Secret Terrius

My Secret Terrius is a Korean drama that made it mark in 2018. However fast forward to two years later, a new theory has originated from the drama. And that new fact goes hand in hand with the corona virus that has plagued the world.     What is My Secret Terrius? My Secret Terrius […]

Canada Sets In Motion The Quarantine Act

The Quarantine Act

The Quarantine Act has been set in motion in Canada. This is in an attempt to curb all the growing covid-19 cases. The Quarantine Act was put in motion as from Thursday night. Part of the act states all travelers, travelling back to Canada will be under quarantine. The quarantine period is  for 14 days […]

Neil Diamond-Remake of Sweet Caroline

Neil Diamond-Remake of Sweet Caroline

Neil Diamond is among the many celebrities who are doing all that they can to spread awareness on the covid-19 virus. And since Neil Diamond is a world-renowned classic musician, he is spreading awareness through what he does best, music.     Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline We have dedicated this page to teaching you all […]

Evangeline Lilly says NO to Self-Quarantine

Evangeline Lilly says NO to Self-Quarantine

Evangeline Lilly believes that life goes on. And because life must go on, she has refused to go under self-quarantine. According to reports, she is going about her day as usual. This is even though the whole world is in panic with the dreaded covid-19 spreading.   Who is Evangeline Lilly? Evangeline Lilly was born […]

iPad Pro 2020: All New From Apple

iPad Pro 2020

The iPad Pro is the latest release from tech giants Apple. The iPad Pro comes with specifications that are out of this world. As for the iPad Pro features, we are sure that they will blow your mind away.     iPad Pro Availability The new iPad Pro 2020 version is very similar to the […]

Netflix Party and Chill

Netflix Party ad Chill

Netflix Party is the latest feature added to Google chrome by Netflix. We already love Netflix as it is and we are more than excited to tell you all about the new Netflix Party feature. Therefore, if you are as excited about the new feature as we are, then just get comfortable and read on. […]