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Boris Johnson UK Prime Ministers Tests Positive For Covid-19

Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus. Boris announced the news on his twitter page on Friday. Addressing his 1.9 million followers on twitter Boris in a video said that he would continue to fight together with the country to fight the pandemic. Boris said that he had been having some mild […]

Robert Levinson US hostage Dies In Iran

Robert Levinson

Robert Levinson, who is a retired FBI agent is now presumed dead. The Agent disappeared in 2007 while he was working on an unauthorized mission in Iran for the CIA. The family made the announcement on Facebook on the Help Bob Levinson page that they had received information that led them to conclude that the […]

Prince Charles Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Prince Charles

Prince Charles heir to the British throne has tested positive to coronavirus. The Prince who is 71 is the duke of wales and son of Queen Elizabeth.  Prince Charles together with his wife are now self-isolating in Scotland at their Scottish residence of Birkhall. However, Camilla the duchess of Cornwall tested negative to the virus […]

Drummer Bill Rieflin Dies At 59


The drummer and multi-instrumentalist Bill Rieflin has died.  Rieflin was battling cancer for the last 8 years and has finally succumbed to it. He is a well-known drummer as he has worked with many different rock and industrial bands during his career that was 3-decade long. Bill died at the age of 59. His work […]

Harvey Weinstein Tests Positive to Coronavirus

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein a former Hollywood Producer, was recently sentenced to 23 years for rape and sexual assault. He has tested positive to coronavirus whilst in prison. Harvey is proof that no one is safe from this virus. The news came from Michael Powers who is the president of the state’s correctional officers and Police Benevolent […]

Kenny Rogers Dies At 81

Kenny Rogers

Pop and Country music vocalist Kenny Rogers has died. The singer died of natural causes at the age of 81. Rogers died in his home surrounded by his family and under the care of hospice. However, due to coronavirus, there is going to be a small service only for family members. Since he was a […]

Italy Coronavirus Deaths Overtakes China’s Number


The death toll in Italy due to Coronavirus has gone over the numbers registered in China.  In the last 24 hours, the death number from this pandemic rose by 427 cases. This makes the total to 3,405 deaths. It is not only the number of deaths that has risen in Italy. The number of infected […]

 Dropkick Murphys’s Live Stream’s on St Patrick’s Day

Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys were there to cheer people up on the 17th of March. With the coronavirus that has claimed 8,232 lives and there are 204, 04 cases with 6,434 critical and serious cases so far. Schools are closed, universities and other organizations too. People are on lockdown. Spending the day in their homes doing a […]

Idris Elba Test Positive To Coronavirus

Idris Elba

There are more than I million posts from all social media platforms talking about the sad news that fans received last night. Hollywood and the world at large were shocked after Idris Elba a famous and renowned actor confirmed that he had tested positive for coronavirus. This virus has claimed 7,175 lives and there is […]