Canadian casinos online

Canadian Online Casino Industry at their Blooming Point

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The Canadian online casino industry can be an example to show the wave in the development of casinos online.  Canada is currently in the top ten countries with the most online gamblers. This can help it stake into the billion-dollar industry which will reach an estimate of 500 billion by 2023. Characteristics of the Canadian Online Casino Industry The Characteristics …

Return To Player

What is Return To Player (RTP)

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Return to player (RTP) stands for return to player. It simply means the amount of money that an online casino game or slot pays back to gamblers.  This is shown in percentages and also it is calculated from gameplay over a period of time. to give an example we can say that a game has an RTP of 95, this …

Celebrity Gambling Addicts

Celebrities With Gambling Addiction

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Gambling addiction is popular worldwide. Although gambling is fun and entertaining it can lead to serious negative effects if done excessively. There are so many reasons that lead to addiction. Today we are going to look at some famous celebrities who have an online casino gambling addiction. This is because celebrities are seen as role models and perfect humans.  We …

Difference Between Multi-line and One-line Slots

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Slots are one of the most liked games at online casinos. This is because they are fun, easy and the features and sounds just attract players to it. However, slot machines come in different types. There are one-line slots and multi-line slots. Figuring out the difference between these two has been a problem for many new entrants. But not to …

Betting Jokes

Gambling Jokes

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We all enjoy a good laugh right. Well, gamblers too although they enjoy online casino games for real money they also enjoy a good laugh. So we have gathered some gambling jokes that will probably make you laugh. Read on and have time to laugh. Gambling has helped me get back on my feet, you know why? Because I just …

online casino gambling superstitions

Gambling Superstitions

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Most online casino games are all about chance. Although you can include strategy it is more of luck. Because when you gamble you are risking money sometimes you tend to opt for other methods so that you have luck on your side. This is where superstitions come to play. There are many gambling superstitions that gamblers believe in. There are …