The Quarantine Act

Canada Sets In Motion The Quarantine Act

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The Quarantine Act

The Quarantine Act

The Quarantine Act has been set in motion in Canada. This is in an attempt to curb all the growing covid-19 cases.

The Quarantine Act was put in motion as from Thursday night. Part of the act states all travelers, travelling back to Canada will be under quarantine. The quarantine period is  for 14 days from the time that they arrive in Canada. It is a good thing online casino are open, as such even while in quarantine you can still enjoy some online casino games.

However,  we want to take a closer look at the Quarantine Act and what it means for all those who are travelling back to Canada.

  1. Did Canada always have a Quarantine Act?

    There was an act that had the same in 1872, this was shortly after the confederation. However, it was left untouched for over a 100 years. This all up until 2003, when SARS plagued the world, it was after that that the government took more notice on the legislation and worked on beefing it up.

  2. What falls under the Quarantine Act?

    The Act gives power to the federal health minister to put any measures necessary to make sure that the disease does not spread in Canada. At the same time, the disease is not spread to the rest of the world from Canada.

    These measures include routine screenings conducted by quarantine officers at the airport to mention but a few.

  3. Has the Quarantine Act always been used?

    The Director of the Global Strategy Lab, Steven Hoffman says that the act has always been active. However, it was just never used publicly.

    The Quarantine Act was invoked earlier to test the passengers that were returning to Canada from Wuhan and other places where the covid-19 virus had spread.

    Hoffman states that even though the Act was always in use, the current measures that the government has taken will take Canada to uncharted territories.  This is because the current Quarantine Act has affected millions of people at the same time.

  4. Why is Canada government taking such harsh measures?

    Health Minister, Patty Hajdu states that the measures at this point need to be harsh to send a message across the whole nation as on how severe this virus is. Current statistics state that the covid-19 virus ahs currently infected over 3 000 people and killed at least 30 so far.

    The Quarantine Act was further put in action after women from Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador were arrested for violating provincial orders to stay at home after travelling abroad.

    The Quarantine Act is being enforced to ensure all returning Canadians from any area of the world to go isolation. Because people can’t seem to understand why it is essential for them to go under isolation after having travelling broad.

  5. Are there any government obligations under the act?

    Hoffman says that under the Act, the government has the power to do what seems necessary to make sure that the virus does not spread.

    As for the people under quarantine, Hoffman says that they are not in prison. The act says that the government needs to be as less intrusive as possible. However,  as to what the word means, there has been a little discretion.

    The government says that the returning travelers will be barred from using any public transport. At the same time, the government will also make sure that they provide any means necessary to make the quarantine as comfortable as it needs to be.

  6. Who will be used to enforce the Act?

    When asked about who will be used to enforce the act, Hadju says that it will be all put in place in due time.

  7. What happens if I violate the Quarantine Act?

    By violating the act, you can affect the whole public. As such serious measures were put in place to make sure that no one violates the act. These include a fine of up to $1 million and at least 3 years in prison.

  8. Is the government allowed to put in place the Quarantine Act?

    There is a high possibility that the act will be challenged in court. However, seeing the current situation, it may likely be allowed.


The Quarantine Act is one of the ways to make sure that the covid-19 virus does not spread in Canada. Therefore, even though it seems to be strict, it is a necessary evil for this time. Besides,  it is said prevention is better than cure and what the government is doing by proposing the Quarantine Act is making sure to prevent the covid-19 virus from wiping Canada out if the face of the earth.

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