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Here at, we are an online marketing and advertising website. Our activities are mainly focused on the provision of appropriate information to all Canadian visitors who are interested in gambling on the internet, mainly at online casinos.



Top 10 Canada Online Casinos accept payments for the advertisements of companies that you will find listed on this site.

All of the opinions about the representation of the companies that we advertise here are our own. Furthermore, these opinions are not influenced, in any way, by any such payments from our advertisers. The information offered on this website is specifically for educational purposes only and also, we make no warranties about the information that is found here.

We will ensure that all of the information that is shared on this site is not only current but also accurate. However, we make no guarantees about the information.

We advise that all visitors to this site be of legal gambling age, and must be eligible according to their geographical areas. What this means is that it must be legal to play at online casinos in your area. For that reason, you must check with your local gambling laws before you play at any of the online casinos that are listed on our website.

We, therefore, take no responsibility for any gambling laws that may be broken by playing at casinos recommended on Top 10 Canada Online Casino. Different countries and territories have different laws in regards to gambling and betting at online casinos, as well as the legal gambling age.

Gambling, if not done responsibly, may lead to losses. For that reason, we encourage players to use their own best judgment before playing at any online casino that is listed on this website.

Furthermore, we take no responsibility for any losses that may be incurred by betting on the websites that players may be referred to by this site. Therefore, by agreeing to use our website, you indemnify this site for any losses that you may incur at any online casinos that you may have been referred to by our website.