Drummer Bill Rieflin Dies At 59

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The drummer and multi-instrumentalist Bill Rieflin has died.  Rieflin was battling cancer for the last 8 years and has finally succumbed to it. He is a well-known drummer as he has worked with many different rock and industrial bands during his career that was 3-decade long. Bill died at the age of 59. His work still lives on though, you can check out online casino slot games with rock themes. You will have a better understanding of what this man was about.

Bill’s wife, master painter Francesca Sundsten also died a year ago to cancer. The couple were married for 27 years. Rieflin is celebrated for his versatility. He was both a drummer, guitarist, bass and also a keyboardist. He has worked with many different artists and bands like Swans and Ministry, R.E.M, King Crimson and many others.

Robert Fripp of the King Crimson broke the news after writing on Facebook upon receiving a call of Rieflin’s death. In his Facebook post Fripp expressed how glad he was to have known Rieflin. “fly well, brother Bill! My life is immeasurably richer for knowing you.” He said.

Who Bill Rieflin Is

Born William Frederick Rieflin, this talented instrumentalist was born in September 1960. He came to prominence in the 1990s as he was recognized for his work as a drummer. Many groups noticed this talent and decide to work with him leading to his fame. Most people he has worked with are in the industrial rock and industrial metal scenes.

Rieflin’s career started in 1975 in Seattle his hometown. He has worked with different people and has also helped other artists grow. Rieflin worked with the;

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He has also worked with a number of individuals like Martin Atkins and others.

Rieflin also has a career as a single artist with some great songs too like birth of a giant. He has worked on over 60 projects with different groups as well as a solo artist.

Celebrities Reactions To Bill Rieflin’s Death

There is a number of his band mates that posted tributes on their social media pages. Over 20 artists and bands shared their grief over the loss of this musician. Mike Mills who is R.E.M’ bassist and vocalist expressed how much of a good person and a good drummer Rieflin was;

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Ministry and others also shared their loving tribute to Rieflin.

Terrence Mcnally Dies: Related News

As if the loss of Bill Rueflin and Kenny Rogers was not enough, the world is also mourning the loss of the award winning playwright Terrence McNally. He was 81 years and he died due to complications from the deadly coronavirus.

This virus has claimed over 8,000 lives globally. There are also over 300.000 cases of the infected in the world. His publicist Matt Polk announced the news on Tuesday. Mcnally has battled lung cancer since the 1990s. He has managed to live with it for so many years up until his death.

McNally has received 5 Tony awards during his career. He also has 25 Broadway productions, almost 40 plays as well as 10 musicals. He is known to be a great writer who has written from drama to comedy.


Today the world doesn’t only mourn the death of 1 but two artists. Bill Rieflin was an amazing instrumentalist and the world has suffered a great loss. Terrence Mcnally was also a great artist in his own way.

Coronavirus is real and people are still being encouraged to stay safe, stay home and practice hygiene as there is no cure for the virus as of yet.

Bill Rieflin FAQs

Who is Bill Rieflin?

He was an American musician, a drummer and a multi-instrumentalist.

What Is Bill Rieflin Known For?

Rieflin is known for his versatility when it comes to instruments. He was a drummer, keyboardist, bassist and guitarist.

He is known for working with different individuals and bands. They include Ministry, revolting cocks, KMFDM, The minus, swans and more.

Who Was Bill Rieflin Married To?

Bill was married to the painter Fransesca Sundsten. She did in 2019 due to cancer.

How Did Bill Rieflin die?

Rieflin died on the 24th of march. his death was due to cancer that he had been struggling with for the last 8 years. He died at the age of 59.

Who Is Terrence McNally?

Terrence McNally was a playwright. He died in a hospital in Florida on Tuesday due to coronavirus complications. He was 81 years old.


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