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eCogra Approved Casinos

eCogra Approved Casinos

eCogra Approved Casinos

eCogra approved casinos, are the online casinos that have an eCogra casino logo. eCogra is abbreviations for e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. eCogra is a non- profit and independent authority that assists all online casino gamblers to recognize fair, safe and responsible gambling sites.

eCogra is based in the Uk and was established in 2003. This gambling regulator  has set standards for fair gambling.  Sites that abide by these standards get the seal that explains that the site is safe.

Players who are familiar with the gambling industry can see the eCogra logo at some websites that are considered to be eCogra approved casinos.

Safety is always a guarantee at eCogra approved casinos because all the websites that have the eCogra seal are constantly monitored and frequently to see if they are still maintaining the standards. Therefore players gambling at eCogra approved casinos can always be confident that their online gambling experience is always a safe one.

Benefits of playing at eCogra Approved Casinos

eCogra certified online casinos are continuously regulated. This is so that they create a safe gaming environment. Before you start playing make sure the casino you choose has the seal. eCogra is all about safe and fair so playing at these casinos gives players assurance that their experience is safe and whatever the casino advertises players are sure to get just that.

The following are just some of the many advantages you get when you play at eCogra approved casinos.

  1.  Fair gameplay as the games are random and there is no possibility for rigging
  2.  Efficient and secure payment methods
  3.  Quick customer support and excellent agents who are always ready to help you.
  4.  Strong security
  5. Your privacy is always a guarantee, your information is safe at all times.

What eCogra Authority does

The main aim is to make sure that online casinos with the seal are a great place for players to enjoy their gaming. So the purpose of this Authority includes:

  1. To protect all the vulnerable gamblers
  2.  Fair gaming through game evaluations RNG and RTP
  3. Prevent underage gambling
  4. To fight against all fraudulent activities and cybercriminals
  5. To ensure privacy and protect players information

eCogra Certifying Process

As we have mentioned before that eCogra audits online casino sites. That is not the only thing it does though because it also does jurisdiction approvals to make sure that all the eCogra approved casinos are complying with all the laws that are set by jurisdictions.

Moreover, there are security reviews that are taken to make sure that the online casinos and also eCogra casinos’ providers are meeting all the established requirements security-wise for all players. The random number generator is also checked to make sure the eCogra approved online casino games are fair and that all players receive generous payouts. 

There are two types of certifications offered by eCogra, one is for online casinos whilst the other one is for the software provides. This is because both casinos and software providers work hand in hand to come up with the best eCogra approved casinos. So an online casino may have or both of the seals. It is a great sign because it shows that the casino has passed all the necessary fairness and safety tests.

There are types of certifications are the Approved testing agency services (ATA) and the Self Regulation Services (SRS).

  1. Approved Testing Agency Services (ATA)

    This division specializes in certifying software providers. like we mentioned that apart from the casino the software providers are also certified as they work with the casinos to provide the best for players. This division does the certifying of online gaming software as well as the system and they do it through agency testing. The seal is called the software seal ATA has completed over 500 reviews for over 80 leading software providers and operators. They have worked with software providers like Microgaming the leading software provider, NetEnt and more.

  2. Self-Regulation Services (SRS)

    This division concentrates on online casino sites it is the safe and seal eCogra certificate. The aim is to make sure that the casinos follow certain rules to be able to provide the best gaming for players. The casinos with the eCogra seal have passed the test of practicing responsible behaviors. The tests basically include responsible marketing, protection of customers, privacy and information protection, prevention of underage gambling, fair games, greats and safe payment methods and more.

Advantages of an eCogra Certificate

There are many benefits of playing at eCogra casino sites. Apart from being safe and having fair gameplay, there is more.

  1. All gamblers are well informed of their rights at the casino.
  2. In case of any disputes between the casino and the player, eCogra is the intermediator between the two.
  3. As such the dispute is solved fairly unlike when you don’t know your rights the casino may take advantage of you.

Also, the authority is known for constantly improving standards so you know whatever you get at any eCogra casino it is the best and modern too.

eCogra Approved Casinos and The Software Providers

We have mentioned that the software providers also go through a review to get a software seal form this authority. There are certain aspects that are tested to get the seal. These aspects include internal controls monitoring financial data. Also, they look at the IT security environment and development. The software developers must ensure that their software is maintained, safe and reliable. To get the seal the software should also be able to pass the eCogra’s Total Gaming Transaction Review. It assets live gaming transactions. Moreover, the software must also provide full detailed, valid and authentic data as well as player return rates are not supposed to be too low.

Moreover, the software provider is supposed to make reports on all the changes that are made to the game parameters. All player’s transactions must be recoverable in case of a system malfunction.  All this is done before being granted the software seal. The point is to make sure the software is really worth it, authentic and safe.

Quick Facts about eCogra Casinos

  1. It ensures that RNG is tested for fairness
  2. It is the most widely respected, reputable and well-known gaming monitor in the world
  3.  Its main aim is to protect players and fair gaming and also that casinos are working on responsible behavior
  4. It hears complaints and disputes between the casino and the player and it helps resolve it
  5. Always check for the eCogra seal when you visit any casino because all eCogra casinos have the seal to show for it.


Because of thousands of online casinos all over the net, coming to a decision as to which one is real is difficult. As a result, many players are being scammed online and they are losing a lot of money in the process. eCogra and other regulatory bodies are there to help to wok against those criminal activities.  eCogra ensures that online gambling is a safe, fun and enjoyable experience for all Canadian sites.

To avoid getting scammed check for online casino sites that has an eCogra logo on it. This shows that the casino is safe and can be trusted. To make it easy all Canadian players can choose casinos from the ones recommended on this site. These casinos are safe, secure and have passed through all the eCogra tests and have all the seals.

eCogra approved casinos FAQs

No, not all online casinos are monitored by this authority. It doesn’t mean that all casinos that don’t have an eCogra logo are not good. They are just monitored by other authorities that is not this one. Just make sure to check the casino thoroughly before you commit yourself to it.
eCogra is not the only authority that monitors online casinos. There are quite a number of authorities in the gaming industry who monitors casinos for fair gameplay. Some of the authorities include UK Gambling Commission, the Gaming Control Board and many more.
It is a random number generator. This technology is used in online casino games to ensure that the outcome of any game is random at any time. the importance of this is that it makes sure that the casino has no unfair advantage over the players. Thereby ensuring fair gameplay.
RTP stands for return to player. It simply means the amount of money that a player gets from the casino after playing for a long period of time. It is calculated in percentages.
All the gambling websites that have eCogra approval has a seal to show for it. You don’t need to look far but just scroll down at the bottom of the casino’s page you will see the logo at the bottom edge. That is the same place where you will find other organizations that are part of the casinos. If you fail to find the logo here you can visit the about page. There is a possibility that the eCogra status will be there. If you fail to find the eCogra logo on these two pages then chances are that the casino is not an eCogra certified online casino.
There are many casinos out there that are monitored by eCogra. But the problem is that the internet is full of lots and lots of casinos. So finding one may take time. But to save yourself going through the exhausting process you can consider checking out the list of our reviewed online casinos. These casinos are eCogra approved casinos and they offer fair gameplay.