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Microgaming Baccarat Gold Ultimate Guide 2022

Microgaming Baccarat Gold

Microgaming Baccarat Gold

Baccarat Gold is amongst the best online casino baccarat variations developed by Microgaming.  The high stakes real money casino game offers nine seats alongside eight decks of playing cards. This game comes with a well-polished user-interface with superior graphics.

The online table game is actually one of the good-looking online casino games from Microgaming. This is a renowned online casino gaming developer that has to offer the world of online gambling since it came into existence in 1994.

Baccarat Gold carries some wonderful features. If you are looking for some of the most exceptional online casino game graphics this is the best game for you. Its sound effects are very beautiful for the ears alongside an extensive range of wagering selections. These betting selections will cater to both newbie players as well as regular online gamblers.

You can enjoy playing Baccarat Gold in a downloadable desktop version. There is also an instant-play format and mobile devices and tablets.

How to Play Real Money Baccarat Gold

There are quite a number of baccarat variations that have similar gameplay. But with Baccarat Gold, the main objective is to place a bet on one of the available three possibilities. These include;

  • Player Hand
  • Banker’s Hand
  • Tie

The first step you can take is to select a chip denomination that will suite your betting style. Once your chip is selected, you simply need to predict which hand will come out with a high value, or if two hands will end up in a Tie. However, players need to keep in mind that, the Player hand will pay even money of 1:1, whereas the Banker hand will pay 0.95:1 and there is also a commission of 5%.

The highest payout of this game is in the tie position since it pays an exciting 8:1. But you need to be aware that the chances of a tie occurring a very low. Furthermore, a hand holding the highest value is the one closest to 9. If you have that hand, you will surely win the round.

All the card will contribute their own value, excluding picture cards since they will count as 0. This online baccarat version is equipped with an extensive range of some additional side bets to further increase your winning chances.

All the side bets are in the game are purely based on creating pairs when the initial two cards are dealt with. The side bets will reward a magnificent 11 to 1, this will clearly add an extra level of excitement for your real money online gambling extravaganza.

Game Features

Playing Baccarat Gold for real money will surely fill Canadian online casino players with quite a number of in-game features to assist you in making a wise prediction. These include a history chart along with a road map that will offer significant information on previous rounds played. Online casino players have the privilege of adjusting audio effects of the game.

The rules of the game are also available to make sure that players do the right thing

Baccarat Gold Advance Features

Even though the online casino game introduces real money gamblers to numerous new and exciting features. Real money gamblers will be graced with additional features that will allow them to win real money.

The good thing about Baccarat Gold’s additional features is that they make the game more exciting. The notable features that most players appreciate is the animation graphics that has been added. These animations are taken straight from the real game and then enthused online.

  1. Sneak a Peak

    This is a great feature of Baccarat Gold. The feature permits players to rotate the cards before they peek. Some of the players do this out of habit, whereby others do it thinking that it may bring them luck but others do it because simply because it is convenient.

    Rotating the cards whilst playing Baccarat Gold is very simple. In addition, it can simply be done with an easy click of your mere mouse.

  2. A Road Map to a Winning Hand

    For real money players who want to pander in a game of Baccarat, the History and Roadmap features are useful.

    The History feature will display the outcome of hands played in the past, then the Roadmap draws data from it.

    This can be used for more baccarat analysis. Canadian real money players will have to take some time to work out how the Roadmaps option work. But they will add value to your game at the same time increasing your winning chances.

  3. Betting Options

    Online Baccarat Gold can be played with eight decks of cards. The game carries a minimum wagering amount of 5 credits as well as a maximum of 500.

    Adding to the Banker and Player bets, real money casino players can choose for side bets that include Player Pair Bets and Tie Bets.

    Both of them can actually produce great results. In most cases, the Banker bets payout at 8 to 1 along with 11 to 1. This will also offer real money players an extra incentive.

Baccarat Gold FAQs

If either hand between Player or Banker sums up to 8 or 9 both hands will automatically stand. The hand closest to a value of 9 wins. If the player’s hand totals 6 or 7, the Player will also stand.
This game of chance requires no skill from any online player. All you can simply do is to predict the outcome and win real money.
Just like many online gambling games, Baccarat Gold is a game of chance. Real money players have no control over the outcome of the game. Therefore, the only way you can win is to implement the right Baccarat strategy and then place the best along with the best odds.
If dealt 8 or 9 points that is called a natural. Therefore, it means no other additional card will be drawn. This is actually an automatic win unless the opposing hand carries a high natural. A natural of 8 points is actually called le petit, a total of nine, le grande..