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Google 3D Animals

Google 3D Animals

Google 3D Animals

Google 3D animals have become the talk of the day. This is because children are at home unable to go out because of the covid-19 out break. Therefore, while the parents are enjoying real money online casino games, the children can have loads of fun with Google 3D animals.


What are Google 3D Animals?

Google 3D Animals is a feature released by the company in 2019. Therefore, it is far from being a new feature.

Google 3D Animals is an augmented reality feature that you can use with Lens and Search.

How do I use 3D Animals on Google’s Browser?

The feature depends on hoe good your smartphone is. This is as the feature relays’ heavily on how good your phone is when it comes to placing 3D images. This is with your front camera viewfinder in real life scale.

As we mentioned earlier, this is not a new feature as it has be around for over a year. However it on that can easily help you help your children to grasp the scale of animals in the real world. Furthermore, since we are all at home, this will help to keep you entertained since we can’t take any trips to the zoos for the time being.

Is Google 3D Animals Useful?

The feature may not have been useful in the past, however, now it is. This is because millions of children are at home with nothing to do. However, with the feature they can do a little bit if learning in a fun to add to that. Parents can use this feature top give their children homeschooling lessons in a fun modern way.

What you need to get started with Google 3D Animals

  1. You will need a smartphone that runs on Android 7.0 or higher or an iPhone OS 11 or later
  2. Your device needs to have Google Chrome for Android or iOS
  3. Then you search for animal and click on “View in 3D”in front of that object and you are goods to go.


Google 3D animals is the way to go if you want to have an indoor zoo or want to teach you children about wildlife. Furthermore, it’s a great way to bind with your child during this period.

Google 3D Animals FAQs

There are at least 2 animals that you can view in 3D. Some of them include lion, goat, snake, wolf, tiger, and turtle to mention but a few.
You will need to check for that manually. You will have to search for the name, lets safe wolf. The animal will then appear in a small box with some statistics and an animated thumbnail. It will also have an invitation that reads “meet a life-sized wolf up close.”
There are a lot of phones that you can use. Some of them include;

  1. Asus Zenfone AR
  2. Nexus 5
  3. Nokia 6 Plus
  4. Honor 8 Sirocco
  5. Nova 3
  6. Huawei y9
  7. LG G6, Moto G6
  8. One Plus 3T
  9. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  10. Xiami Mi 8
  11. Pocofone F1
  12. Vivo Nex S
  13. and Xperia XZ3 to mention but a few.

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