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Keno Ultimate Guide Real Money Canada 2022

Keno online casino

Keno online

Place your bets on Keno for real money in Canada today at our recommended casinos online. The best thing to do is to easily compare the best online sites for this amazing lottery casino game.

However, here you are also able to learn about various betting strategies and you will get the best tips for smooth sailing gameplay.

Best Sites With Keno

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How to Play Keno Online Like A Pro

Real money online Keno is simply a game of chance. Some would call it a lottery game on demand. All you need to do is to pick your numbers and wait for the online casino to make a draw on a series of numbers. Thereafter, you will get paid out based on how many numbers you have managed to catch.

Get to Know the Online Keno Game

Real money online Keno game encompasses a Keno card, a paytable along with a few buttons. Even though online Keno games are different depending on where you are playing.

There are common elements you will find when you choose to play online, that is other than the keno rules. These Keno elements include:

  1. Keno Card

    A Keno card is a grid of numbers. You might look at a lottery ticket with numbers from 1 to 80. In most Keno games, you will discover eight rows of 10 numbers each.

  2. Pay Table

    This simply shows you what your payout will be for the number of catches that you achieve. In Keno online, you will not get paid for activating more numbers.

    Rather, you get paid if the percentage of the numbers you hit is actually high. For instance, if you catch six of the selected six numbers might award you an awesome payout of 1800x your bet.

  3. Quick Pick

    This is one of the amazing features you will find in playing Keno online, instead of picking up the numbers on your own. You can simply choose the Quick Pick feature; this feature is available in most state lotteries.

How to Play Real Money Online Keno

  1. Choose an online Keno game

    If you are not sure where to start. Have a quick look at various Keno games that you can play before you start playing for real money. In addition, you can find various Keno games at our recommended casinos in Canada. Play and win amazing casino bonuses available for you at online Keno Canada.

  2. Select Your Numbers

    In most Keno games, you can select between 1 and 20 numbers from the Keno grid. The amount you choose is completely up to you.

    Keep in mind that the greater the percentage of numbers you get the higher your payout rate will be.

  3. Decide How Much You Want to Bet per Draw

    You can simply adjust your bet by clicking the arrows next to the selected wagering amount.

  4. Indicate How Many Games You Are Going to Play

    For instance, if you opt to bet a C$1 on your numbers and go and play five games. This will then cost you C$5.

  5. Wait for the Numbers to be drawn

    The gaming system will draw the max amount of numbers. It will do this by checking off each one with an X or it will use a checkmark. From there, you will get paid out based on the amount of numbers you have hit.

Ultimate Keno Rules and Strategies – All You Need to Know

Even though Keno online is a very simple game to grasp. It is actually worth it to peruse through the rules of the game. This will help you to enhance your chances of winning real money.

We recommend real money online gamblers in Canada to keep following the key elements of this online lottery game.

  1. The Keno board carries 80 numbers, but it is very impossible to check all of them. How many you can check off depends on the online casino you’re playing at. But you need to remember that the total number is usually between 15 and 20.
  2. Despite other online casinos will permits you to play as few as one number. Other online casinos in Canada will require you to play at least two numbers.

Keno Mobile

Keno has become very popular in Canada and players can play on mobile for real money. All casinos in Canada have mobile platforms and the good news is that Keno has not been left out. It is amongst the casino games that can be played seamlessly on mobile.

Playing Keno on whilst on the go using your mobile device can bring you the best gaming experience. The same excitement you will have when playing on a desktop is the one you will get when playing on mobile.

The main objective of playing Keno is to select the winning numbers. And real money Canadian players can enjoy doing this using their mobile device.

How We Rate Online Keno Real Money Casinos Canada

Each online casino you come across on our site has gone through a thorough reviewing process. We strive to ensure that our readers have the best online gambling experience in Canada. Therefore, we make sure that we lead them to the best real money Keno casinos in Canada.

In the event that the casino has failed to meet our criteria, there is no chance that we are going to recommend it to you. However, this is how we rate Keno online casinos in Canada.

  1. Security Measures

    When it comes to playing real money Keno online in Canada. Security is one of the most essential aspects.

    We pay attention to the licensing of the online casino as well as its validity. The online casino in Canada must be audited for security and fairness via an organization such as eCOGRA. And encryptions are implemented to protect any information that you share with them.

  2. Payment Options

    Having a wide selection of payment options it’s not significant. Rather the most reliable online casino payment options are fast and secure.

    We don’t appreciate very long processing times or hearing complaints of players having issues when it comes to making withdrawals after winning.

  3. Game Selection

    Even though there is a wide range of Keno games. The best online casino we recommend must have slots, table games along with Live dealer games.

    Quality is more important than quantity. Therefore, to ensure that real money online gamblers enjoy quality gaming experience we appreciate popular gaming software. These include; Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech.

  4. Bonuses

    All good online casinos in Canada ensure that they offer generous bonuses to real money gamblers. A Welcome Bonus for new real money Canadian players is one of the good offers a reliable casino can offer.

    Moreover, existing members should enjoy some additional bonuses. Some of the bonuses you can find include; VIP bonuses.

    Nevertheless, the requirements should always be easy to understand and at the same time, they should not be too high.

  5. Mobile Devices Optimization

    The best Canada casinos online should be in a place to provide an incredible online casino gaming experience on mobile and tablet.

  6. Customer Care & Support

    Online casinos in Canada must be able to provide vibrant customer support to its regular and new casino players.

    Online gamblers must be able to access the online casino’s email, live chat as well as telephone. At the same time, these platforms must be able to offer prompt responses whenever a query is made.

    Moreover, it is also important that the casino must be able to offer services in numerous languages and currencies so that they can sustain and offer services to different races in Canada.

Keno Betting Strategy

We are very much aware that winning at the game of Keno is random, and there is nothing online casino players can do about it. There is no actual winning strategy when it comes to this amazing casino game.

  1. All you can simply do is to sit back and enjoy with your luck on the side. In addition, there is the Two-thirds betting strategy. With this strategy, you start by betting the minimum bet. In case you win a game, you can increase your bet if you lose, decrease it. With this strategy, you are not guaranteed to walk away with real money. Nevertheless, this strategy has led to some amazing results for quite a number of real money Keno players.
  2. Always keep in mind that with all trustworthy online casinos in Canada, Keno online makes use of the RNG, random number generator. This will determine the numbers that will be drawn. As if that is not enough, there is nothing you can do to influence those numbers.

The Best Tips for Online Keno

As mentioned before, keno online is a game of chance, you need to be lucky to walk away with real money. But that does not conclude you cannot get the best out of every game. Let’s share with you some of the best tips you can implement and win in Canada today.

  1. Play a Consistence Set of Numbers

    It is very easy to trail which numbers come up frequently. You can try mixing a balanced amount of high and low numbers so that you can increase your odds of winnings.

  2. Utilize Keno Online Bonuses

    Quite a number of casinos in Canada will surely offer players a competitive bonus when they join. Offering you a helping hand when you start playing the game of Keno or any other games.

  3. Have a Look at the payout chart before you play

    Even though real money keno casinos in Canada pay out more when you get a higher percentage of numbers, the amount that online casinos payout differs.

    Before you even think of locking your numbers, you need to see what the payout looks like for other betting options that you have.

  4. Use Your Bankroll Wisely

    Before you start playing Keno for real money, you need to set yourself a bankroll. There is no chance in hell that you want to blow all your money in one go or the first round.
    Therefore, take time to think of how many rounds and how many games you think you want to play. Thereafter, place your bets accordingly and start gambling.


If you have just had a long day at work, playing a game of keno online can be very relaxing. And the most beautiful part is that you can win real money whilst relaxing. The game does not need any form of strategy. All you need is your luck and you will be good to go. Play online Keno now in Canada for real money or in free gaming and enjoy the beauty of online gambling Now!

Keno FAQs

Keno is a lottery game with 80 balls numbered 1 through 80. Casino players choose up to 20 numbers and place a bet on which one will be drawn at random. Keno payouts are simply based on how many numbers the player chose are called. The more the numbers that are guessed right, the more the player can walk away with real money.
Yes, and just like any other casino game, the random number generator is the heart of the game. This simply means that every number that appears is by a random chance. To make sure your mind is at peace, make sure you play at a casino that is frequently audited by third parties.
There is a wide range of online casinos in Canada you can play online keno games. But we recommend real money players to select a recommended online casino for a better gaming experience. This online casino must have been carefully reviewed by our top reviewer team for security, fairness, and a variety of Keno games along with amazing bonuses.
The odds of winning on Keno will reflect the amount of numbers you choose. Therefore, the odds of hitting a single number you select is 1 in 4. Whereby choosing four numbers and hitting all of them will carry 1 in 326.43 chance of winning real money. Yet hitting two of the four numbers selected comes with practical odds of 1 in 4.70. Hitting a 4 out of 8 numbers carries odds of 1 in 12.27. Above all, it is recommended to make sure that you give your self-time to review the odds table so that you can understand the full range of odds.
Yes, you can, and only the best online casinos in Canada will offer you a chance to play keno for free before making real money deposits.