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Live Betting: In-Play Betting Guide 2021

Live Betting

Live Betting

Live betting also known as in-play is simply placing bets on sports events as you watch the game unfold.  Sometimes live betting is called in-game betting and also in running because bettors can make wagers additionally when the game has already started.

There is quite a number of reputable sportsbooks online that offer live betting just like online casino sites. This is so as to allow bettors to watch the game as well as place bets on their sports betting sites.

The only thing you need to get started at live betting is to create an account at any sportsbook you wish to work with.

How Live Betting Works

How live betting works is a question that most players and aspiring ones want to know. Well, to answer the online sportsbook you are using sets odds on a certain match or event before it happens. Depending on what will be happening the odds will change a number of times after the events start. Whatever changes that will be happening to team A and team B the odds will be changing reflecting these changes.

When it comes to these odds it is not only the goals that change the odds but every other action during the event will change the betting odds and in the process changing the outcome.

In Live Betting, the odds are decided by the sportsbook. They do this using a computer algorithm that constantly updates information. The odds are then changed depending on what will be happening in the event and also on the past outcomes os the same events.

For you to get up to date odds sportsbooks will suspend betting for a few seconds especially when something unusual takes place during the event. This is so that the computer works out the new odds before betting continues. This way players will get up to date odds that will be reflecting the exact happenings of the event.

Live Betting events

Like we mentioned that when you join a certain sportsbook you will be able to watch for free whilst you place our bets.  You are not charged and you will never have to miss out on the chance to place a bet then watch the sports event as it plays out. There are many people who want to join but they may not be sure as to which sport they can bet on. This is why we have decided to list them.

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Ice hockey
  • Horse racing
  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • In-Play

Top Live Betting Sites

When you sign up at a Canadian online sports betting site that offers live betting services you will notice that they offer a lot of events. Therefore anyone can find a live betting event that interests them. Also, the good thing about joining these legit sites is that in case you miss the results of any sports event there are result services at top live betting sites.

Players can find the results of the event they missed pout on even after they have already been concluded.

Types of Live Bets

Online sportsbooks offer a wide range of options when it comes to Live Betting. You can do what you want as a player including placing bets before the match commences or even just after it has started. You simply need to click the in-play button to do all that. Here are some of the common types of Live Bets.

  1. Traditional Bets

    In this betting, type the odds available before the game is also the ones that will be there when the event starts. However, the odds change in realtime to represent what will have happened in the game.

    To give an example in a football game at the beginning of the event your favourite team A is favored to win. Their quarterback breaks his legs during the first play and the other team which is B  scores a touchdown immediately. Team A will seize to be the favourite. So with Live odds, all this will be reflected and you can make another wager.

  2. Props Bets

    Also known as proposition bets is another type of betting found at Live Betting sites. This bet does not have a direct effect on the event’s final outcome. It can be a bet on the team you think is going to score first or the number of field goas a certain player will make.

  3. Parlays

    They are also called multiples. In this type of bet when you decide to bet on a trend or event that you think is going to happen and also you think it is going to keep happening. You can add an additional bet to your original one after the event starts. this is to benefit on your correct prediction.

Benefits of Live Betting

 There are so many benefits to Live Betting. And some of them include the following.

  1. You don’t need to book hours or days before the match. Instead, you can simply bet when the match is already taking place.
  2. Also, you are able to watch all the happenings in the event such that you can make the best decisions for you.
  3. You get to see what is going on before risking your money
  4. Players can bet on different aspects not just the team, but you can bet on a player and more.
  5. You are allowed to change your mind which will help in increasing your winning chances if you do it right.
  6. It is entertaining. Live Betting is all about action and players are constantly looking for edges. You don’t have to place your bet and go and watch the event like in the traditional sports bets. In this case, you can do both make bets whilst watching the event and even alter tour bets in the process.
  7. Everything is instant and live that means not giving the sportsbook a chance to change the odds quickly. Therefore a bettor has a chance to bet on an odd that hasn’t been changed yet by the sportsbook.

Live Betting Tips And Strategy

For those who just started Live betting and those who want to do it having a little bit of strategy will help you to move in the right direction. There are different types of bets a well as the odds change constantly this is why it is important to have a strategy that will help you win the event. The tips we are going to mention will help you move in the right direction.

  1. Start with a pre-game– A pre-game bet has a lot of advantages as you go. It gives you a chance to do all your research and homework. It prepares you and you make sure you are in the right state of mind to bet on the event.
  2. Knowing your limits–  it is easy to get carried away when you don’t have things into perspective. You need to keep track of your actions, if you make multiple bets at the same time and in real-time, you need to keep track of it all. It is important to do this and for those who have been in Live Betting for some time, you can use a spreadsheet to keep track of your all you do.
  3. Watch the Event- this is something that bettors especially new ones tend to overlook yet it is very useful. It is important to watch the entire event when you are Live Betting. This is because you don’t know when you may just catch something that will give you an advantage over your competitor. When some players have lots of bets they tend to not concentrate on the whole game because they have bets elsewhere. The whole idea is for you to find angles that will give you an advantage over other players. You cannot achieve that if you are not concentrating on the game.
  4. Take Your Time– another tip is for you to understand don’t start big. Don’t be harsh on yourself start small make bets that you fully understand. Not only that you can also try some traditional basic bets so you learn more before getting into Live Bets.
  5. Be Responsible– in Live Betting, you have an opportunity to make different bets all at once. There is a possibility of losing lots of money. So when you decide to gamble this way then you need to set a limit for yourself to avoid losses.


Live Betting is incredibly fun and exciting. Because of technology, it is this kind of betting is not only fun but very unique. You can be very successful as you have a chance to make bets even when the game has already started. Just make sure you understand the rules and different types of live betting to have a successful experience.

Live Bets Frequently Asked Questions

Live Betting is placing a bet on a sporting event after it has already started. It is also known as in-play or in-running betting. You can alter your bet or place a new one during the event.
There are so many sportsbooks that you can bet at. All you need to is to make sure the site is legit, safe and secure. This is to avoid scams and having to have your privacy tempered with. You can check out some sites we recommend on this site for the best play.
Well, there is no straight answer to that.the amount of money that you should risk depends on you and it differs from one player to another. What you can do is to have a budget as to the amount you wish to spend on Live betting. This will help you determine the exact amount that you can spend or you are willing to spend. If you don’t manage your bankroll there is a possibility that you may spend more than you have to, leading to bankruptcy. You won’t have any betting funds left.
This really depends on the player. The bettor knows what they like best. What we can say is that the best sport to bet on is the one that you know best. The one you have knowledge of and the one that you have a better understanding of. If you want to bet on a sport you have no idea of it may be challenging when it comes to placing bets.
It is very possible to win money, in fact, the whole point apart from having fun is to earn a quick buck. We are not saying it is easy to make money but with the right strategies, you can definitely get there. It is absolutely normal to lose your bet here and there. However, it is vital to develop your Live Betting strategies and to manage your bankroll.
All you kneed to do is to look for a sportsbook that you can rely on and trust. That is the first step to starting. The next thing is to create an account there that you can make use and you are all set. Now you can make your bets as you choose and have fun at the same time. Because you can watch the event as they unfold.
Improving your betting skills is not difficult. But the thing is you can never stop learning, even for professionals there is always room for improvement. So to be able to improve your skills you need to do more research, play more and learn from all the mistakes that you will be making as you go. Don’t be afraid to take risks, because if they don’t pay out you can learn something and do better the next time. Also, improve your betting skills as it is also another thing that can help you in winning. Odds change all the time you need to focus and to be able to notice what will be happening so that you can create your own strategies that will work to your advantage.