Mr Cashman Slot Review


Mr Cashman slots are the slots to play if you are looking for extra money to make. These slots are great for all real money gamblers who want to make extra cash along the way. Trust us, when we say that Mr Cashman will be more than willing to add more to real money online casino wins. To find out just how you can win great real money rewards, keep on reading to see what Mr Cashman can do for you.

Mr Cashman Gameplay

Mr Cashman slot is a very popular top casino slot character that was created by Aristocrat. There are four different slots that fall under the Mr Cashman series of slots. Namely, these are Magic eyes, Jailbird, African Dusk and Jewel of the Enchantress. Each of these slots features the Mr Cashman icon. However, the most popular among the series is African Dusk.  That is why in most cases when you look up Mr Cashman, African Dusk will appear as well.

We are sure that the slot owes its popularity to its name. Despite the fact that the slot was released in 2002, it is a great real money slot to play. Since the game hasn’t changed, we can assure you that you have a great chance to walk away with amazing real money wins from this Mr Cashman slot.

Mr Cashman slot comes with 5 reels and 20 pay lines. This casino slot also comes with an RTP of 92%. The minimum coin size to spin Mr Cashmans’ reels is 0.01. The game may not be a progressive, but there are still great prizes that you can win from this slot.

Mr Cashman Money Real Money Wins

As you can easily tell by the name, there is real cash in this slot. However, before you spin the reels for real money, make sure that you play the game for free first. That way you at least you can see what Mr Cashman casino game has to offer you. If you like the offer that he is giving you, then you can easily play Mr Cashman for real money and get a little of that cash that he is flaunting in his name.

If ever you were looking for a slot machine that can give you a real gamble, then you have found it right here. Mr Cashman is literally gamble when you play it. This is because there is no set way that you can activate the free spins and the multipliers that are in the game. They literally appear at any time during the game.  Therefore, when playing this game, players are encouraged to make big bets, this as the more that you bet, the more real money that you are most likely win. No wonder the slot is named Mr Cashman because clearly, there is a lot of cash to be won.


To conclude, this is a great slot to play. However, there is one downside to it. That is it cannot be played online. And as such can only be played at land-based casinos. Therefore if you want to try out your luck with Mr Cashman, just make sure to look for at the top land-based casinos around you. That way you can spin the reels and make a lot of real money as you so. Trust us, looking for the land-based casinos may be time-consuming. However, it will surely be worth your time when you start winning with Mr Cashman slot.

Mr Cashman Slot FAQs

How does Mr Cashman slot work?

To get the best out of this slot, you need to make sure that you are playing an Aristocrat slot machine. That is where you will be able to find this money maker. The slot comes with 5 reels and 3 rows and 20 paylines.

How do I play Mr Cashman?

If you want to play this slot, you need to make sure that you are logged into an Aristocrat casino. From there, just make sure to look for all the slot machine games and then you are good to go.

How many paylines does Mr Cashman have?

This online slot gives all the players 20 paylines. These lines are adjustable, meaning that you can easily select the number of lines that you want to play with.

How many bonus games does Mr Cashman have?

There is at least three bonus game that you can enjoy form this casino slot. There is the Random Spin feature, where Mr Cashman appears and re-spins any on the reels at random. There is also the Choose Your Feature. Where Mr Cashman will appear with a gift and a bag of money.

Here, you will need to make a pick. Match item bonus gives you 10 stars, where you will need to match them to revel your winning number of free spins. The Mini Bonus has Mr Cashman standing at a classic slot machine and pulling the lever. The matching 3 numbers will be the number of coins that you will have won.

How can I win real money in Mr Cashman?

To win real money in this slot machine, you need to make sure that you play all the lines. This is not all, as you also need to make sure that you read the rules as well. As easy as it is to play casino slots, you also need to read all the rules to make sure that you are doing the right thing as well know what the winning symbols are.

Additionally, you also need to make sure that you play all the paylines at max bet. This ensures that whatever win that you will get, you get it at its highest prize.

Where can I find casinos to play Mr Cashman?

The best place that you can find top casino to enjoy this slot machine is by using the best Canada real money gambling guide. In this guide, we have all that you will need when it comes to casino slots as well as where you can find them.

Is there a mobile version for Mr Cashman?

Unfortunately, there is not yet a mobile version of this amazing online slot. However, Aristocrat is promising that they will have a mobile version of the online slot available for all those who love this slot machine.

Is it safe to play Mr Cashman at an online casino?

The thing is with this slot machine, there isn’t an online version of it that is available yet. However, when it does come through, as long as you play it at online casinos that are reviewed by this online Canada gambling guide. We can assure you that you will be playing at a safe online casino.

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