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Best Casino Odds: Casino Best Odds Game Canada 2022

Sports betting

Sports betting

To learn how to win real money at an online casino in Canada, you need to know about the best casino odds and the house edge as well.

Each real money online casino game is unique. That means Canada carries the best odds game for real money players.

However, you don’t need to be a mathematician to have an adequate understanding of the odds to be in your favour.

The best online casinos in Canada will guide you through on how to understand the casino best odds game that will win you real money.

Best Casino Odds: How does it Work?

Online casino gaming revolves around the betting odds:

  • How probable a specific event is to happen within a particular game.
  • How much a player will win if that event occurs.

Fraction Odds

These are the types of odds that are written 10/1, 5/2 and with these odds game, you can easily calculate how much real money you can stand to win.

Therefore, in the event that you bet the second number, you will win the first number. For instance, in the first example, if you wager C$1 you will go on and win C$10.

If you are at 5/2 odds then you go on and place a bet of C$4, there is a chance you will win C$10. That is on every value of the second number you wager. You will win the first number and the return of your stake.

Fraction Odds

Fraction Odds


The same fractional odds are eligible to be converted to a percentage using a simple formula.

  •  Probability (%) = B/ (A+B). This is where A and B come the first and second numbers in the fractional odds, respectively.
  •  Therefore, inserting the 9/1 example, the completed formula would then look like 1 / (10+1) = 0.09. This simply means there is a 9% chance that the event will take place.
Percentage Odds

Percentage Odds

Texas Hold’em: Casino Best Odd Game

If you have ever watched Poker on movies and other television shows, then you are aware of winning a hand centered on what they are holding and the outcome on the table.

This percentage is based on the number of cards that remain in the deck, which will assist you to improve your hand.

For instance, let’s say you have Q of Spades, and 9 of Spades, and on the board, there is J of Spades, 2 of Spades, 7 of Spades, and A of Spades, then you have to calculate your chance of winning the hand simply by:

  • Taking the number of the card in any of the suit (13) minus the number of spades on the table as well as the ones in your hand (4)
  • 13 Spades – 4 Spade = 9 Spades

How to quickly Calculate Poker odds

  • Simply calculate the number of outs left in the deck soon after the flop.
  • Go on and multiply the number of outs by 4 – this will show you the opportunity of getting a winning card on the turn or river.
  • Increase the number of outs by 2 after the turn – this will show you the chance of winning on the river bet.
casino odds real money

Casino odds

Best Casino Roulette Odds

Remember online gambling encompasses two versions of real money roulette games. These include; American Roulette and European Roulette. The beauty part is that both carry their own set of odds. The house edge on roulette on all of the best is 5.26% (2/38) in American roulette and for European roulette its 2, 70% (1/37)

This percentage is mostly calculated by diving the number of zeroes available on the wheel by the total number of slots.

Blackjack Odds

Blackjack is one of the real money casino games that carry the best casino odds for Canadian gamblers to win real money. Therefore, this indicates that you have real knowledge when it comes to blackjack simple strategies.

As you would predict, your odds will keep on decreasing as your hands increase in value. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that there are various blackjack variants as well as the rules set for them. Therefore your strategy will also vary significantly.

Craps Best Casino Odds Canada

Its good news for Canadian real money gamblers that on craps their number of bets that can be made. It’s not a secret that the game of craps is one of the hardest casino games to understand the odds.

Therefore, you need to be very cautious when you are gambling for real money on craps. Before, you start analyzing all the numerous possibilities; you need to understand your odds. The first thing to do is to understand the craps odds, and to do this you need to roll different numbered combinations.

Slots Odds

The real money slot is the game of chance; hence, the outcome is clearly determined by the Number Random Generator (RNG). When you play online slots for real money in Canada there is no set order that the machine rotates through. This means every spin you make is independent of the previous one.

However, slots carry the highest house edges at numerous online casinos in Canada. You need to keep in mind that laws and regulations are different when it comes to the house edge. In Quebec, for example, the Return to the player, at most casinos can be as low as 73% with a house edge of 27%.

How to Calculate House Edge

Playing real money online slots in Canada can be interesting. But to have an exceptional gambling experience, you should know how to calculate the house edge.


there are various online casinos in Canada that make sure that real money players enjoy favorable odds.  Players in Canada have chances of winning real money simply because the odds are not harsh especially to new players. Make sure that you choose the best online casino with the best odds on various games from online table games to real money online slots.


A casino payout percentage is the one that tells the amount you can bet at an online casino in Canada. The higher the payout percentage the more money you are likely to win.
there are quite a number of real money casinos in Canada that offer the best payout percentage. The only way you can enjoy the rewarding casinos is by following the recommended casinos we offer you.
Anything that ranges from 97% and that is also considered as a very good payout range at the best online casinos in Canada.
Real money players in Canada must be on the lookout for progressive machines and random jackpot machines. These machines have the best winning odds at the best online casinos in Canada.
It is always the right thing to do to play the Max bet on slot machines online in Canada. The wins normally pay out a higher amount of money for real money gamblers. Place your bets now!