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Casino Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Payment methods are one of the first things that come to mind when you think of playing your favorite online casino games. Finding the best casino is not only the hassle but choosing the best payment methods for deposits and withdrawals is also important. 

However, you need to deposit quickly, easily, as well as safely. The introduction of a wide variety of payment methods has made depositing and withdrawing at online casinos easier. in fact, you have a lot to choose from and, as you do so, you do it according to your preference and what you are comfortable with.

These varieties of payment methods have made depositing at an online casino very effortless and, not just that, but also these payment methods are very safe and secure such that the safety of your information and your winnings is guaranteed.

But you should bear in mind that some methods only allow depositing and not withdrawals, and some allow you to do both, depending on your choice.

The amount of available casino deposit methods can confuse you and can give you a hard time to pick. So we are here to help you explore each one of them so that you find the best payment method suitable for you and your banking needs. You can rest assured that the payment methods you are going to find here are safe and the best.

Choosing the best casino payment methods

Looking at convenience and security will help you make a better choice on your payment method. This is because there is a collection of casino deposit methods and amongst them are those that promise to be the best and fast method, yet it might not be true. So we are here to help you on how to choose the best method to make your deposit or withdrawal.

  1. Security

    This should be your top priority. You have to make sure that the method you want to go for is safe and secure. Because amongst the honest ones there are always a few dishonest dodgy dealers that you should be careful of. So before you choose to make your deposit check the casino’s licensing and regulations. Because it is in these regulated and licensed casinos that you can find safe deposit methods.

     The risk is not only on your money being stolen, but you also risk your personal information getting into the wrong hands and used in fraud activities. So, here, we are providing you with secure banking methods for your account to prevent you from being a victim of cybercrimes.

  2. Any fees required when using the payment methods?

    You should check if there are any fees or charges required for you to make your deposit. This helps you pick the best payment method that won’t cost you more than you are willing to spend. Because these casinos differ, some allow you to deposit without any charges and some don’t.

     Also, some payment methods originally have fixed charges on their own which cannot be changed by a casino. So, for you to make the right choice, consider checking the fees because some casinos might advertise that there are no charges and you will notice when you are depositing. Because of that, just to be safe, you should check before making a decision.

  3. Do the payment methods offer bonuses

    What’s gambling without benefits right! Well, your payment method will determine if you can get a certain bonus or not. This is because some casinos offer incentives just for using a certain payment method, and they are offered usually per deposit. So this is something to consider if you want to choose the best payment method.

  4. Does my choice of casino accept the payment method?

    It will be depressing to go through the process of depositing, ready to play only to discover that the payment method you are using is not accepted. So, you should understand that payment methods differ with casinos. Different casinos offer different methods of making payments. So, before you choose your payment method, consider that your online casino accepts the banking methods.

    You should also enquire if the payment system is accepted in the country you want to play in. Payment methods also differ according to where you are in the world. As a result, it’s important to check if you can deposit using the method of your choice and also if you can make your withdrawals with it. This is because there are restrictions on the currencies handled by some bank providers.

Payment methods providers

There are a lot of payment providers out there. And, as a fan of online gambling, you need your deposit or withdrawals to move fast, conveniently and also safely. So, how you make your transactions depend on the service provider you are using.

The quality of providers differs depending on your priorities. The good news is, many online casinos now offer a variety of payment methods, as well as withdrawals. These are quick, secure and user-friendly for your convenience. Take a look at the payment methods below. This can help you choose the one that suits you best.

Popular payment methods for online casinos

It is always important to check the available terms when you want to deposit your money at an online casino. The number of payment methods should be clearly stated for your convenience on the website. This is to your advantage because you get to choose what you are comfortable with.

There are different payment methods, from Credit, Debit, Prepaid cards to E-wallets and bank transfers. We are going to provide you with a list of the popular online casino payment methods that you can rely on.


These are also known as digital wallets and are a great option and they widely accepted by most casino sites. You can keep all your bank account numbers and multiple credit cards all safe and secure in one place with E-wallets. Since your wallet is the intermediator between you and your casino, your security and that of your information are increased. These include:

  1. PayPal

    This is one of the most popular payment methods in Canada when it comes to E-wallets. It offers the best security to its clients, which is why it is mostly preferred. It also enables you to manage your payments. That means you don’t have to overspend. It is also easy to set up and to use your account.

  2. InstaDebit

    This payment method is recommended for Canadian players because it has been specifically developed for Canada banking and online betting sites. It allows you to make instant deposits with no troubles incurred, and also it supports several currencies. Furthermore, you don’t need to wait for days to collect your winnings or even to make deposits because it’s fast.

  3. Neteller

    This payment method allows you to make your deposit fast and whenever you need to. That’s not the only good thing about it, it is widely accepted in the betting industry, which makes it convenient and easy to opt for.

  4. EcoPayz

    This method uses the latest security and protection technology. This is to ensure that it provides you with a fast and secure way of depositing and withdrawing from your favorite casino online.

  5. Credit & Debit cards

    You use these for everyday finances, be it shopping for groceries or clothes. Well, you can also use them as a payment method at online casinos. Most casinos work with these. The only difference is on their processing fees as some let you deposit for free and others ask for a certain fee. The commonly accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard and Debit cards.

  6. Visa

    This method has become so popular because almost everyone has a Visa card. You can use them for your day to day finances, which is why it is easier to use it for gambling purposes too. Because of their many uses, Visa cards are trusted worldwide, which is why Canadians choose them for gambling, and which is why they are considered a safe method to use when you are depositing at an online casino.

  7. MasterCard

    Mastercards have been in use since 1966 and one of the largest payment companies in the world. This makes them one of the safest methods to use for online transactions including depositing for online casinos. It has a fraud detection expertise making sure that if any transactions take place without your knowledge it quickly notifies you.

    Most Canadian players prefer this method not just because it is safe but it is widely accepted in most leading casinos online.

  8. Prepaid cards

    These are also a great payment method at online casinos. Prepaid cards work the same as debit cards but instead of withdrawing there must be topped up with money before you can actually spend it. It helps you avoid debts and to keep track of your spending. So for players who don’t wish to use credit cards and also bank accounts, this is a great method for you. These Prepaid cards include Paysafecard.

  9. Paysafecard

    This prepaid card allows you to make online payments using cash. Its great advantage is that you can purchase it in many Canadian locations. You just need to find the nearest location for Paysafecard on its website, then get your card loaded by a cashier who will offer you a special pin.

    As long as u have received that pin you can visit your online casino account put Paysafecard as your deposit method, use the funds in your card to top up your casino account and the rest is history.

  10. Instant banking

    This method involves the use of direct banking to transfer cash from your bank account to your casino account directly. The process requires no middlemen just a link between your betting site and your bank account. The good news is there are no fees involved because there are straight transfers. You can make use of iDebit which allows you to connect to your bank directly from the betting site.

  11. Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which means that it is a payment method that does not need a middleman and is not under third parties’ control. This decentralized currency was introduced in 2011 and can be used online to buy goods as well as services secretly.

    Because there is no control or rules put by any institution when it comes to Bitcoins the transactions are cheap and sometimes free.  Not only that they are tax-free there is also a great choice because the transactions are instant.

    You don’t have to wait as much as you do with other payment methods to withdraw your winnings. This is why it can be considered a good payment method for online casinos. And that is why there are a number of bitcoin casinos online. 

    There is safety and privacy as there is no need to identify yourself when you are sending bitcoin to another user.

How to withdraw from an online casino

Withdrawing is the most interesting part of online gaming,   after your big win, the next step is withdrawing your winnings. This process is an easy one and it doesn’t take long for you to get your cash. It just depends on the method you used when you were depositing.

Some methods can allow you to deposit only which means when you have win you will have to collect your winnings using another method. On the other hand, some allows you to do both so you can just use the same process to collect your winnings.

As you are doing this remember there are two options to follow, you can give the casino your documentation in advance so that when you win the processing starts. You can also wait until you win to give the casino support desk your documentation so your withdrawals can start being processed. These include your Id documentation, place of residence so as to verify your identity.

Speed of withdrawals

Different payment methods have different processing times. It varies from one casino to another depending on how they operate, this means that some withdrawals might be quicker than others similarly some might take longer than others.  

Bear in mind that despite the difference in the withdrawing times and the method you have, there is always a processing time that each casino has and that can not be dodged. This also differs but it’s usually between 24-48 hours.

To conclude there are a lot of online casino payment methods to choose from in Canada. You can also use these banking methods to make withdrawals. Any form of payment you have can work as it has its advantages but good thing is there is always an option that fits every player’s preference.

Your winnings are a transaction away all you need to do is get an account, pick your preferred payment method deposit and gamble your way to riches at an online casino in Canada.


There is absolutely no limit to the amount of money you can win at an online casino. The games at online casinos are random as a result each outcome is generated at random. So you can win as many times as possible depending on how much you are playing. However, you should be careful as you can also loose so just make sure you manage your money and your game to avoid losses.
This is a limit to the amount that can be withdrawn by a gambler. To answer these online casinos don’t have withdrawal limits, except maybe for a few unpopular ones. What is usually done is just a limit on what you can withdraw in a certain period be it on a week or so. This is also another reason why we recommend that you research more on your payment method before you start using it and playing. So you can find out if you are ok with its withdrawing limits period.
It’s not easy to just release a lot of money that you are not sure where it is going. So this is a precaution or safety measure that online casinos take. You have to verify your winnings because apart from it being a standard procedure it’s a part of the regulations.
Online casino payments are definitely safe. There are a lot of safety measures employed to ensure your safety and the safety of your cash, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. All your information and your transactions are encrypted therefore no third party will be able to access or hack them.
Of course, you can. Most payment methods work for withdrawing too. It just depends on your casino and the method itself. Some payment methods just allow you to deposit and when you need to withdraw you have to use another method. But some just allows you to do both using the same payment method. So yes it is totally possible to do both transactions using the same payment method.
Making a deposit at an online casino is relatively easy. This process takes a few minutes as long as you are using the right payment method for your casino. All you need to do is to fill in the details that are needed, select the amount you want to transfer and you are just a clock away from gambling in your favorite online casino.
The best payment method depends on your taste and preference as an individual. We cannot really pick out a method as the best as some may not prefer it. So we can only help you to make the best choice for you. You have to look at the processing speed, withdrawal and deposit terms, fees incurred if there are any. Looking at these factors may help you select a casino payment method that best suits you and that becomes the best method for you.
Have you ever seen an option saying forgot my password? When you visit websites. That’s right it also happens at online gambling. So in a case that you have forgotten your password do not worry. You are given a chance to come up with a new password because your banking options don’t keep a record of your passwords. So you can just follow instructions on your screen until you receive a redirecting link on your email. This will help you set a new one.
The payments are definitely free because you are not asked to pay any fee to either deposit or withdraw your cash. If it does ask you to do then it’s recommended to look for another casino. But a point to note is that the payment method you have decided to use can come with its own small charge that you have to pay each time you make a transaction. The likes of a MasterCard. So it is always good to check the payment method you intend on using and also to check with the online casino you want to deposit at before making a payment. This is so you don’t get any surprises.