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Best Quebec Casino Gambling Guide

Quebec Casino

Quebec Casino

A Quebec casino is the place where you get all the top real money gambling activity in the province of Quebec Canada. Canada has a total of 13 provinces and Quebec is part of the best when it comes to real money casino gambling.

As such, both the Canadians as well as foreigner visitors want to make sure that they get the best when it comes to the top Quebec casino gambling in the province. This means seeing the province in its fullest as well as enjoying all the real money at Quebec casino arenas.

Best Quebec Casinos Online

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Quebec Casino and Real Money Gambling

Quebec is the largest province in Canada as such it is known as central Canada. The population here is mostly French, as such one will find all the top real money gambling establishments as well the land-based casinos will have French names.

Despite the fact that Quebec is the largest province in Canada, there is not much gambling activity here. However, this does not mean that one will not be able to have a great casino gambling experience when they do visit here. To add on to that, despite that there are not many Quebec casino those that are there are quite exquisite.

Quebec Casino Gambling Laws

In Canada, each of the different provinces has different gambling laws. This is because each of the provinces has a different gambling body that is in charge of anything that is gambling related. This is in the form of the casinos, the poker rooms and even the lottery betting halls.

Loto-Quebec is the governing body that is in charge of gambling in Quebec. It was founded in 1969 so that it could have control over all the games of chance. As such, all the profits that are made from all the games of chance and all the gambling activities are returned to the public in the form of numerous government services.



Loto Quebec is in charge of providing for the lotteries, casino gambling sites, video lottery, bingo and kizno, which a form of keno. Under Loto-Quebec, there is also the Société des casinos du Québec (SCQ). This association was founded in 10992. Under the SCQ are the following brick and mortar casinos:

  1. Casino de Charlevoix
  2. Casino de Montréal
  3. Casino du Lac-Leamy
  4. Casino de Mont-Tremblant


In Quebec, the  Espacejeux is in charge of offering online casino games. Here, players will be thrilled to slots, table games, poker, bingo, and other lotteries. All the games that are found here are from Playtech.


Mise-o-jeu and Pool Mise-o-jeu

For those who love sports betting, Mise-o-jeu and Pool Mise-o-jeu are the ones who regulate how it goes in the province. In 1206, Quebec passed a bill to control online gambling. This bill was meant to block to any online gambling site that was not approved by the government. However, that bill is yet to pass and as for now, gamblers are still free to enjoy real money online casino gambling games.


Quebec gaming halls

In Quebec, there are two main gaming halls. These are Québec City Gaming Hall and Trois-Rivières (3R) Gaming Hall. However, these are not the only gaming halls as there are others. There are also at least 40 bingo halls that are operated for Loto Quebec by Bingo en réseau under Société des bingos du Québec.



There are at least 400o places where residents of Quebec can buy lottery tickets. The Société des lotteries video du Québec is in charged o marketing as well as managing video lottery. They are also in charge of manage some bars and pubs that offer games line games. these re games that are like video poker and keno games.


The Kahnawake Gambling Commission

It is very to talk about Quebec casino and not mention the Kahnawake Gambling Commission. This commission is one of the major licensing online casino gambling bodies. And due to its location, most so the Canada gambling laws do not apply to the gambling body.

Under the Kahnawake Gambling Commission, there are at least 100 online casinos who have licenses. It is because of this gambling commission that most of real money online casino gamblers can enjoy playing at top gambling sites in Canada.

The Best Quebec Casino

In total, there are 10 casinos in Quebec. It is at these establishments that gamblers both in Quebec and all those that chose to visit can have the best real money gambling experiences. All of these casinos are spread among the different 7 cities of Quebec. Montreal has the most casinos, that is 2.

The Biggest Quebec Casino

The biggest casino or the biggest gaming facility in Quebec is in Montreal.  At this casino, you will find 3000 slot game machines. You will also be able to enjoy your pick with 115 casino table games.

The 2nd biggest casino in Quebec is  Casino Lac-Leamy at Hilton Lac-Leamy. At this establishment, you will find 1800  gaming machines.

Both of the above-mentioned facilities offer food and dining. They also come with hotels where visitors can enjoy their stay.

Quebec Casinos

  1. Casino Montreal

    At this casino, you will find 115 table games as well as 3000 machine games. Players can enjoy 26 poker tables. The casino is open 24/7 and stands on at least 526 588 sq ft. there are several restaurants where you enjoy a meal as well a the Montreal Hotel where you can rest before you return to the gambkling activities.

  2. Casino Lac-Leamy at Hilton Lac-Leamy

    This casino is located in  Gatineau. It stands on 300 00 sq ft. players can enjoy 1 000 slot machines, 60 table games. There are also 5 restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal at this casino, you will also find a lovely 349-room hotel.

  3. Casino de Charlevoix

    This casino was opened in 1994 and there are 23 table games. There are also 825 slot machines. For those who love a good game of poker, the poker room Casino de Charlevoix Poker Room is available. The hotel La Malbaie Hotels, will give a good rest.

  4. Playground Poker Club

    The playground poker club was open in 2010. Here you will find 400 slot machines as well as 70 poker tables. The poker room is the same same as the casino. The Kahnawake hotel will give you a good nights rest.

  5. Salon de Jeux Quebec

    Located in Québec is the Salon Jeux Quebec. Here you will find 300 slot machines.

  6. Hippodrome Trois Rivieres (3R)

    This top land-based casino located in Trois-Rivières gives you 65 machine games. There is also a hotel and a restaurant as well.

  7. El Jumelgi Bar and Poker Room

    El Jumelgi Bar and Poker Room are located in Montréal here you will find 10 slot machines and 17 poker tables. There is also a poker room that is med after the casino. Players who need to rest and eat will find that there are a hotel and seral bars and restaurants that are more than willing to be of service.

  8. Casino de Mont-Tremblant

    Visit this amazing land-based if you want to have the best time of life. The casino is located in  Mont-Tremblant. It will give you 425 slot machines as well as various table games and poker.