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Samsung Galaxy S30 Set to beat iPhone 12

Samsung Galaxy S30

Samsung Galaxy S30

Recently, Samsung released the upcoming Galaxy S30’s benchmarks and it looks like it’s going to give the Apple iPhone 12 a run for its money.

With the Galaxy S30 processor, the iPhone 12 will be put in the shade. This phone will feature AMD’s cutting edge technology, RDNA GPU, in its Exynos processors. These processors are new and the Galaxy will have the Exynos 1000, which is a super weapon, as compared to iPhone 12’s Bionic system on chip (SoC).

This Exynos processor offers better graphics performance, which is what most users long for. That means this is a welcome dispatch to the avid Android disciples. The new processor on the Samsung Galaxy S30 definitely means great processing power, as well as better graphics performance, as mentioned above.

What this means is that new Android phones could out-perform the iPhone 12 in terms of real-world games, as well as benchmarks, given the amount of next-gen power they will be offering.

The Exynos 1000 is due to be released by the end of 2020. This definitely means that not long after, we can expect the Galaxy S30 to be on the market. In fact, the Galaxy S30 flagship will definitely be released next year.


The Samsung Galaxy S30 is definitely set to beat the iPhone 12 and that’s something to get excited about. We definitely can’t wait to try it out in our online casino gaming.

Samsung Galaxy S30 FAQs

The two are always in constant competition and trying to out-do each other. That means they keep improving on their phones. As a result, we can’t really say which one is better than the other. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. Also, different people have different preferences, which mean some will always say that one is better than the other.
The Galaxy S30 flagship will be out next year, in 2021. This will be after the Exynos 1000 processor has been released, which is what the Galaxy S30 will be using.
The main strength of this phone is its processor, which guarantees users top speeds and excellent graphics.
We can’t really say at the moment. However, it should be noted that this is one of the high end Samsung phones, which means it will definitely be pricey.

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