Mobile Scratch Card Games

Demystifying Scratch Card Games

Mobile scratch card games are also known as scratchies. These are instant win lottery games that are played just the same way as the classic scratch and win games that you can get in-store. Scratch cards were invented a long time ago. In fact, their history date back to the mid-20th century. Back then, players would buy a ticket and scratch it. However, they had to wait until the end of the week in order to find out if they had won or not. The game proved to offer quite a huge payout. However, players thought that it would be better if they instantly knew if they had won or not. This is when scratch cards were born.

Mobile Scratch Card Games
Mobile Scratch Card Games

The classic scratch cards came with a single rectangle card that had a section that was covered in silver paper. Players would then have to scratch the silver part in order to reveal the symbols underneath. The player would win if the symbols actually matched a particular pattern of three or more. Because it provided instant wins, the game soon became quite popular. Now, with the introduction of online casino games, the scratch card game has become even more popular.

Online and Scratch Card for Mobile

Now, because casino games have transitioned a lot, players can now play on their mobile anytime. In fact, there are now different versions of scratch card games for gamblers to choose from. Some of these mobile scratch card games come with great payouts, as well.

The concept of mobile scratch cards is the same as classic scratch cards. You have to use your finger to scratch off and reveal the symbols. If you manage to match up a pattern, you will win a prize instantly. In mobile scratch cards, there is the use of the Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a computer chip that creates patterns, ensuring that the game is fair.

Themed Scratch Card Mobile Games

As mentioned above, scratch card games now come in various variations. In fact, they now come with a number of themes. Furthermore, there have high-quality graphics, as well as great animations and sound effects. Some of the themes that you can expect to come across include tennis themes, soccer themes, and many other sports.

The fun in the best mobile scratch cards is in scratching in order to reveal the symbols/pattern. If you manage to match up three or more similar symbols, you will receive a prize.