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Things to Know About Casino Bonuses

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Online casino bonuses are an amazing way to attract new players. But they can be profitable for players too. Bonuses can make your online gambling experience more enjoyable. Therefore, if you’re new to online casinos, here is the truth about bonuses.

Online Casino Bonuses Have Wagering Requirements

One of the most important things you must know is that online casino bonuses have wagering requirements. However, these requirements prevent you from taking advantage of bonuses and cashing out without paying.

Moreover, if you’re wondering whether you should use online casino rewards, take a moment to look at the wagering requirements.


casino bonuses

casino bonuses

Some Online Casino Bonuses Only Apply to Certain Games

Numerous players assume that online casino bonuses apply to any game. But that is not always the case.  Some online casino bonuses are only applicable to certain games.

While various online casinos make this requirement obvious, not all of them do. Therefore, always read the fine print and terms and conditions. So that you understand how the bonus works before claiming it.

Online Casino Bonuses Normally Have Expiration Dates

Furthermore, online casino rewards are essentially special offers. That is they don’t last forever. Therefore, if you see a bonus that you want to claim, ensure that you understand how much time you have to:

  • Claim it.
  • Meet the wagering requirements.

If you happen to claim a bonus, make sure that you use it before the expiration date. However, various casinos give players a fair amount of time to clear bonuses. But some will only give you a week.

You Cannot Withdraw a No Deposit Bonus

This is because they allow you to start playing without any risk. Some of the casinos offer free spins no deposit needed and others offer cash bonuses.

However, a no deposit bonus is different from other types of bonuses. You can’t withdraw the bonus itself, only the winnings you get from it.

A variety of new players are under the impression that these r work like any other but that’s not the case. You have to make sure that you check the terms of these types of bonuses before you start playing.

Not Meeting Wagering Requirements Can Cause Some Losses

What happens if you don’t meet the wagering requirements for a bonus? Well, one of these three things can happen:

  • The bonus will expire.
  • You lose your deposit and the bonus funds.
  • You can cancel the bonus which means that you’ll have to forfeit any winnings earned from the bonus.


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