Top Video Poker Strategy

Video Poker is a simple online casino game.  It does require any level of skill. Furthermore, like all other online casino games, there are one or more strategies for playing the game. The Video Poker strategy, unlike other online casino game strategies, lies in the hands of the player. What we mean is that the player gets to decide how they want to play their cards. And as soon as they make their decision. They have come up with their video poker strategy. As we said, the game is very simple, and therefore, a strategy can be developed just by looking at the cards that you have dealt in the game.

Best Video Poker Strategies

In order for a player to come with the best video poker strategy, they need to make sure that they know the poker hands. With the knowledge of the poker hands, it then easy for a player to come with a video poker strategy that they want to use. This is because each strategy will be in line with the poker hand that the player is aiming for.  

Online Video Poker Strategy
Video Poker Strategy

Video Poker Strategy Basics

The reason why players come with game strategies is so that they get the best possible outcome of the game. And before you come with your video poker strategy, there are few things that you need to keep in mind.

  1. There are approximately 2 598 960 possible 5 card combinations in a 52 card deck. Below we shall illustrate all the possible outcomes of a game. That is if there are no wild cards.
Hand Possible Outcomes
Royal Flush 4
Straight Flush 36
4 of Kind 624
Full House 3 744
Flush 5 108
straight 10 200
3 of a kind 54 912
2 pair 123 552
1 pair 1 098 240
All Others 1 302 540
Total 2 259 960
  • Only a mathematically derived video poker strategy can give players the best return or the best chance for a win
  • In order to create the best strategy, a video poker player must consider one that will maximize the return of each hand.
  • To create the best video poker strategy, a player needs to consider all possible poker hand outcomes, as outlined above.

Video Poker Strategy Tips

To create your own strategy at times may be a bit tricky. In that regard, we advise players to use video poker strategy charts that have already been created. And as they use them, they need to bear in mind that they need to start at the first line of the strategy and always compare it to the hand that they have been dealt with. That way, they are able to get the best out of the game. We shall add a few more tips below to help you beat the game of video poker.

  • Always play max: Playing max gives players the chance to hit a royal flush, it also gives players a bonus.
  • Choose the right paytable: There a 5 payout section sin a game of video poker. That being said, players need to select the right paytable.
  • Take your time: You are allowed to take your time when you play. you can analyse the hand that you have and see which way you can make the best out of it.
  • Know the game: Lastly, you need to know the video poker game that you are playing. This is because there are many variations of the game.