Video Poker Odds

What Are The Odds In Video Poker?

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Video Poker Odds

Video Poker Odds

May believe that video poker is a waste of time and as a result, they make sure that they rush to go and play the online slots instead. Despite the fact that video poker casino games may not be as flashy as online slots, they are more generous when it comes to the payout. In fact, video poker odds are some of the best when it comes to online casino gambling.

While video poker may, to many may be seen as a game of chance, there are various skills that players can use in the online casino game. This means that every decision that you make, will an impact on the overall gameplay. As for the return to player, video poker has much higher RTP rate that ranges from 97% to 99% while slots range from 70% to 90%.  Meaning to say that players will win more in video poker as compared to online slots.

Video Poker Odds

In order to be able understand the odds in the game, you need to know how the game is played. Video poker is based on a 5 card draw, one of the simplest forms of poker. To add on to that, the game is played with a 52 card deck the deck may have more cards, depending on whether the joker is added on not.

Players will be dealt 5 cards, and they have the choice to either discard or keep them the second round of cards is then dealt and players receive a payout in line with the cards that they have in their hand.

Before we jump into the odds, allow us to give a few facts about the game of video poker. In a standard game of video poker, there are 32 ways to play each hand dealt. Secondly, players need to know the poker hands.  

In most video poker games, the hand rankings are the same as regular poker. In the most basic version of video poker, Jacks or Better, the poker hands are same. But for those who have no knowledge of the poker hands, we will illustrate below.

Poker Hands

  •  Royal Flush: A, K, Q, J, 10 (All of the suit)
  •  Straight Flush- K, Q, J, 10, 9 (All of the same suit)
  •  4 of a Kind- 5, 5, 5, 5,  10
  •  Full House- 9, 9, 7, 7, 7
  •  Flush- 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 (all of the same suit)  
  •  3 of a Kind- 2, 2, 2, 4, 6
  •  2 of a Kind- Q, Q, 4, 4, 3

Video Poker Odds: The Random Number Generator

The RNG is the one that creates all the winning hands in the game. And as you can already tell by the name, it ensures that all the wins and the cards that you play with are generated at random. This means that even if you wanted to, it is impossible for you to predict the wins or the outcomes of the game.

The RNG continues to generate cards throughout the game, even if you win a hand. However, there are also different types of RNG’s and the one that is used with most online casino games is called a Pseudo-Random Number Generator. The reason why it called the Pseudo is that the cards or wins are generated by what is called a seed key or a seed value.

The seed key or seed value is a computer algorithm that is fixed. However, despite this, it generates or produces many numbers with every millisecond. To add on to that, it is impossible to predict and reproduce the numbers. That is unless of cause the seed value is known.

That being said, there is no link between the bet that is placed and the cards that are dealt. Furthermore, there are no bad or good cards in the game. Lastly, players can never be dealt the same card twice. However, you can be dealt a card with the same value.

Initial Video Poker Deal Odds

Video poker players know that the Royal Flus, Flush and even the Straight are dealt once in many deals. Such that it is more common to be dealt the lower-paying combinations than it is for the higher ones, this is in most games.

The exact odds of hitting a set video poker hand will be determined by the version of the game that you chose to play. However, when it comes to the common version of the game, the exact odds are known and as such, a player can use them.  We will illustrate below.

  •  Royal Flush- 649, 740 to 1
  •  Straight Flush- 72, 193 to 1
  •  4 of Kind- 4, 165 to 1
  •  Full House- 694 to 1
  •  Flush- 509 to 1
  •  Straight- 255 to 1
  •  3 of Kind- 47 to 1
  •  2 Pairs- 21 to 1
  •  Pair J, Q, K, or A- 7.69 to 1
  •  Any Pair- 2.37 to 1

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