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Live Baccarat – Live Dealer Baccarat for Real Money 2022

Live Dealer Baccarat

Play Live Dealer Baccarat for real money in Canada

Live dealer baccarat allows you the chance to play standard online baccarat against a real live dealer.

For this reason, many high rollers prefer playing live dealer baccarat.

In this live dealer baccarat guide, we will share with you, the advantages of playing live dealer baccarat, as well as the rules and other important information.

Basics Of Live Casino Baccarat

As of now, there are a few software developers who supply live dealer baccarat, which include big names such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Extreme Gaming, Ezugi, and others. The gameplay remains the same through all the various live dealer baccarat games.

However, the difference comes in the way that the gaming elements are arranged on the screen, as well as the features that the developers incorporate into the game.

When you choose to play a live dealer baccarat game, you will see a live video stream showing the dealer. The dealer will either be standing or sitting behind a baccarat table, where the cards are dealt.

You will also get to see a row of chips that have different denominations beneath the table. If you wish to place a bet, you will have to click on a relevant chip. After that, you must click on a table field that you prefer.

You will find that table limits vary from casino to casino. In addition, betting maximum costs more in live dealer baccarat than in other live games. You will also see the scoreboard, which shows the history of all the latest coups, which are rounds of baccarat play.

Why Live Dealer Baccarat?

When you play baccarat online live, you get the thrill of playing against a real dealer without even leaving your home. Additionally, you don’t leave your fate in the hands of a random number generator (RNG). That means you have a bit of control over the game.

The other main draw of the game, as well as all the other live dealer games, is that you can chat with the dealer as you play. You also get to communicate with the other players, if you like. Below, we list the advantages and disadvantages of live dealer baccarat.

Live Dealer Baccarat Pros

  1.  You play against a live dealer and with real cards
  2.  Real casino play guarantees you an immersive experience
  3. You can join a table with other players, which allows you to play against them as well
  4. Streaming is very fast, and live chat features are instant
  5. There are many cameras available and you can choose the one that you want to focus on

Live Dealer Baccarat Cons

  1. Because you are playing with real people, it may take longer before someone decides to make a move. That means live games are generally slower than virtual games
  2. It may be a bit difficult to play on multi-tables since you must concentrate on the game
  3. There are time limits

Online Baccarat Live Dealer Rules

If you want to win at live dealer baccarat, you must learn and understand the basic rules of baccarat. The great thing is that the betting structure of online baccarat live dealer is relatively simple. This means that you can quickly pick these up. Listed below are the basic rules that you must follow.

Layout and Play: In places like China, North America, as well as Europe, you will find that the baccarat games that are played there follow the Punto Banco variation. Punto Banco means Player Banker. The shoe contains between 6 and 8 decks and the highest hand value that you will get in this variant is 9.

Purpose: A single game usually has only two hands. That means there is the player’s hand and the banker’s hand. At the same time, the player is the one that has to bet on the winner. Both hands are dealt two cards each. However, a third card may be drawn.

A game of baccarat comes with only 3 betting options, which are:

  • Banker
  • Player
  • Tie

Baccarat Card Values: Card values in baccarat vary according to their face values, from Ace to 9. The Ace serves as a one. All cards from 10 and above score zero. In order to come up with the total score, card values are counted from the rightmost digit. For this reason, it’s impossible to get a score of 10 or higher.

3rd Card Rule: A third card can only be drawn if none of the hands (the banker and the player) secure an 8 or a 9.

Live Mini Baccarat Rules

This variant is just the same as live dealer baccarat. You will find that the rules are the same, as well as the betting options. The only difference is that it features a lower stake range, as well as a smaller table and a simple table layout.

Odds And Payouts in Baccarat Live Game

If you have played a game of baccarat before, you already know that the odds of baccarat are determined by the bet that you place. Below are the three betting options that are available:

Banker: when you bet on the banker, there is a low house edge. Because of that, your chances of winning are increased.

Player: just like betting on the banker, the house edge is low, thereby increasing your odds of winning.

Tie: betting on a tie returns some poorer odds than the above two bets.

Top 3 Strategies in Live Dealer Baccarat Online Casino

There is no way of guaranteeing a win when you play live dealer baccarat, as with all casino games. However, there are things that you can do to ensure that you increase your chances of winning. Below, we share the top 3 live dealer baccarat strategies.

  1. Bet On The Banker

    Players must know that there is a slight difference between the player’s and the banker’s odds. Normally, when playing live dealer baccarat, and all other baccarat games, when you discount the tie, the banker will win 51%, while the player will win 49%. As a result, recommendations are that you bet on the banker.

  2. Avoid The Tie

    You can always play around with your bets. That means you may bet on the player as well, just to switch things up a bit. However, avoid the Tie at all costs. Although it pays more money, it lands very rarely. Besides, when it appears, it’s usually not in line with its payout.

  3. Manage Your Bankroll

    Managing your bankroll is the best way to beat the casino. This is because you can prevent yourself from losing large amounts of money. Before you can play a game of live dealer Blackjack, make sure that you set aside money that you can afford to lose, as well as set another budget that you will not increase for a fixed period. When you have done so, never spend more than you can afford.

How To Support Your Strategy in Live Dealer Baccarat

Live dealer baccarat strategies will improve your chance of winning. However, you will need to be able to support your strategy so that you remain safe when you play. Below are some of the things that you can do to support your strategy in live dealer baccarat.

  1. Commission

    You must realize that some casinos will offer a lower commission or different odds. This works to your advantage if you are going to back the dealer because, at other casinos, you will be charged a 5% commission on your winnings. Because of that, make sure that you shop around before you settle for a particular live dealer casino.

  2. History and Stats

    We suggest that you also look for the history and other types of the statistical display if you are a player who believes in the patterns in the cards.

  3. Autoplay/Reset

    If you are a rapid and consistent bettor, this will work great for you. The Autoplay/Reset button will allow you to make many repeat bets at once.

  4. Timer

    You can set a timer to see how long you’ve been playing the live baccarat game. That way, it’s easy to calculate whether you have made profit or losses. In addition, it allows you to change your strategy or stop playing altogether if need be.

What To Consider When Choosing A Live Dealer Baccarat Site

There are several things that you will need to consider before you settle for a live dealer baccarat site. Considering those aspects will ensure that you have smooth gameplay. These are:

  1. Bonuses and Promotions

    Before you sign up at an online casino that offers live baccarat, you must check to see if it offers and bonuses and promotions to players. While bonuses are no guarantee that you will win more money, they boost your bankroll and stretch your budget. This means that you get to play for longer and your chances of winning are boosted.

  2. Security and Fairness

    It’s important that you choose a casino that is secure and fair. All legit casinos display their licensing information on their websites. That way, you can rest assured that the casino is secure as it obviously makes use of encryption methods that are there to protect your information from hackers or third party sites.

    In addition, these casinos make use of random number generators (RNGs) in their standard online casino games. The RNGs are put in place to make sure that the results of games are totally random, thereby fair. Moreover, these casinos are audited now and again by third-party auditors to make sure that their games are fair.

  3. Games Selection

    Top online casinos that offer the best live dealer baccarat games offer a plethora of casino games. This is because they are powered by the industry’s big names. Therefore, you only get the best games.

  4. Banking Methods

    You should be able to use various payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals when you play baccarat online live. Additionally, these banking methods should be reliable, safe and secure. That way, you can make deposits and withdrawals with no hassles at all.

  5. Mobile Compatibility

    In this day and age, technology has changed the way that we communicate, complete tasks, as well as play online casino games. Besides, we are always on the move. Because of that, you must choose a casino site that offers you the chance to play baccarat live on your mobile device so that you can play on-the-go.

  6. Customer Service and Support

    When you play games online, you are bound to meet some problems. Therefore, you need a casino that will attend to your queries in minimal time. Furthermore, there should be various ways through which you can contact the support team which, in turn, should be friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive.

Exploring Baccarat Live Game Variations

When you play at live dealer baccarat sites, you will come across many types of baccarat. These are listed below.

  1. Midi Baccarat

    This is the standard baccarat game that many have grown to love. Eight decks of cards are used when playing this game. In addition, it comes with mid-range betting limits, and sometimes, wide betting limits.

  2. Mini Baccarat

    This is considered as a very excellent entry-level option. This is because the game has low betting limits. Also, the table is quite simplified, accommodating up to seven players. Fewer decks of cards are used in this game. However, this affects the house edge. Because of that, we suggest that you always check before you can go ahead and place your bets.

  3. VIP Baccarat

    As the name denotes, the tables are more elaborate and larger. Additionally, there are higher limits and eight decks in a shoe are always used.

  4. Progressive Baccarat

    This baccarat version is no different from standard baccarat. However, it features a progressive jackpot. When playing the game, the players must fight for the jackpot. This is done by betting on the jackpot side bet “slot”. The total share of the pot is affected by the amount that the players wager. A player wins when their hand contains an Ace and an 8. It should be noted that the payouts will vary and can be found in the paytable.

  5. Side Bets

    There are so many side bets besides the progressive jackpot. Players will find that in some online casinos, there will be other games that players can play concurrently with their live dealer baccarat game.

  6. Alternative Bets

    Various additional betting options are offered by many casinos. These include: Player, Banker, Bets, Pairs.


Live dealer baccarat is a game that tests your patience, as well as skill. However, it’s still a great game to play as it gives you equal opportunities to win. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a top online casino in Canada today and sign up so that you can start enjoying a game of live baccarat.

Live Dealer Baccarat FAQs

Yes, they are. The live baccarat casinos that you will find on our recommended list are legit. You can find their licensing information on their sites. Therefore, there is no need to worry when you play at these casinos.
Not at all. All live dealer games, including live dealer baccarat, comes with the same rules and gameplay as standard casino games. That means you won’t have a hard time playing, as long as you know the basics of the game. The only difference is that you will ebb playing against a real live dealer.
All online casinos offer players the chance to play the live baccarat demo, as well as demo versions of all the other games found at the casino. This gives you the chance to hone your skills and test out strategies before you can bet real money.
Live dealer baccarat allows online casino players to play against a real live dealer. The game is streamed live, in real-time. The casinos connect several cameras around the live baccarat table so that players can see the dealer and all the moves that are made. Players also have the chance to chat with the dealer through the live chat option. That means you get the feeling of playing in a real casino without leaving the comfort of your home.
All casinos that offer live dealer baccarat are put through a rigorous testing process to ensure that they are fair and secure. The game sare also tested to make sure that they are not rigged. Make sure you choose a casino from our recommended list as these are licensed and regulated.