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WhatsApp Getting 50-person Video Calls

WhatsApp Getting 50-person Video Calls


With the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of messaging apps and video conferencing apps are upping their game. This is because many people are using these in order to stay in touch.

Lately, a lot of people have been using Zoom to make video calls. It has actually been one of the leading apps when it comes to video calls. However, it looks like WhatsApp  is chasing after Zoom.

As we speak, WhatsApp Web is moving towards supporting up to 50 people in one video call.

At the moment, this feature is still in its beta version of the desktop app. The way it works is that it transfers people into new Facebook Messenger Rooms. This is a feature that is offered by Facebook and links to Messenger so as to support video calls.

If you have WhatsApp web, you will notice that there is a shortcut that will redirect you to Facebook Messenger Rooms. There,  you’ll be able to create a virtual meeting room where you can go ahead and invite people to join your call.

Another great feature at that this service offers is the virtual backgrounds that users can add, which is really exciting.

Although WhatsApp  hasn’t announced when this feature will be available for the public, we believe that it’ll be released very soon. This is considering the fact that so many people are hooked to video calls and meetings at the moment.

Word on the ground is that this new feature will also be available for iOS in and Android users . However, we still think that it will work really great when you’re on laptop or desktop because of the larger display . A larger display will allow you to see  each and every person  in the video call.


Messaging apps have really become popular lately and they are constantly updating their services. We sincerely hope that online casinos can jump onto the bandwagon as well and offer more and better services too.

WhatsApp video calls FAQs

WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging services on the market today. This is because it is fast and allows you to do other things such as post your updates, make video calls, as well as voice calls.
WhatsApp works when you have an internet connection. That means your connection has to be great for a seamless video calling experience. As long as your connection is great, WhatsApp video calls work great as well.
Just recently, WhatsApp released an update which now allows up to eight participants to take part in a voice call or a video call.
You have to create a group of people that you want in the video call. When you have added all participants, you can then go ahead and initiate a WhatsApp group call.

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